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All walks are available for private hire and most walks can be performed as talks or lectures.


  Talks currently available


Entertaining talks on the history of the city of Chelmsford performed in period costume. There are currently nine themed talks available and all can be performed in around 60minutes, accompanied by a PowerPoint slide show presentation.


1. My Blue Plaque Challenge  -  An Historical Quest
This is a personal quest I have taken on following an invitation from Chelmsford City Council to increase the number of people recognised by a Blue Plaque in Chelmsford. Behind each plaque are some wonderful stories about local people each of which I thought more than deserved this special honour. 

2. The Forgotten History of Chelmsford

This talk is insight into some of the history of the city that may have been lost in the mists of time. The commentary will explain the origin of the name and how the Romans and then the Normans played their part in shaping the now city centre.  This evolution story will cover how Chelmsford changed from an agricultural town with a coaching stop on an old Roman road into a hive of manufacturing and technology with a direct rail link to the capital and the rest of the world.


3. The Evolution of Moulsham Street

Moulsham Street, named by the Saxons, is perhaps the oldest street in Chelmsford and has a past which predates

the city centre. This talk covers the history of the hamlet from before the Roman occupation, through Saxon and Medieval times up to the industrial revolution and the present day. Over time the street has seen many dramatic changes, but hidden away are some fine examples of it’s evolution which you will discover during this talk.


4. Chelmsford’s Industrial Heritage Talk

The industrial revolution arrived late in Chelmsford, but once here magnificent inventions soon came to light.
Why not find out how these clever ideas came about and how some had an effect on our planet and beyond. The city’s industrial heritage has an amazing variety and it all started with the building of a canal to the sea.


5. Mr Marconi and the birthplace of Wireless 1898 to 1922

The story of how Chelmsford played a key part in the evolution of radio from Morse code and the RMS Titanic to the early broadcast days of the BBC.


6. Talk on the History of Chelmsford High Street 1860 to 1960      

A talk featuring the recent history of the town centre before the coming of the large shopping centres and pedestrianisation. This will bring to life tales about the shops in the High Street, some of which are still there and some that are sadly no more.


7. The Five not so famous pioneers of Chelmsford 

Over the years many individuals have had a great influence on our town - now a City. 

Some are acknowledged by blue plaques and others are not celebrated at all. So who were they and what part did they play in history?

They are; William Strupar, an early publicist, John Bewley an industrialist, Richard Coates a Canal Builder,

Dr Benjamin Pugh a Doctor Surgeon and Godfrey Isaacs a Business champion of the first order.


8. The Secret Wartime device made in Chelmsford

This talk links a device found in your domestic microwave oven with a successful hi-tech Chelmsford company and the code breakers at Bletchley Park. The story is the result of research into history that was until recently deemed as classified information.


9. The Essex Women that rocked the boat

Walk in the footsteps of Essex Women who rocked the boat! Meet the local women who fought for equality and their rights! Discover the history of the Essex Girls from the 15th century Witches to the publicans of the 1960's. From the campaigners for Anti Slavery to the secret factory workers of WW11, we will take you on a journey back in time to when women found it tough to be heard in a “man’s world”.  These were all ordinary ladies but each had remarkable drive and passion that made them special.



Each talk can be performed as required to an audience of up to 80 people.

For larger groups a personal address system may be required.

To show the presentation we have a laptop, projector with stand and a 54 inch wide screen.
The cost per talk will depend on the size of the group and travel required.


For availability please call Alan on 07779 931401 or E-mail cityhistorywalks@gmail.com

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