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With the help of Chelmsford Civic Society during 2021 monthly history broadcasts were made on Chelmsford Community Radio as part of their  “Treasured Chelmsford” programmes.


Here are a selection of these Podcasts which you are now welcome to enjoy.
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Last updated  19/01/23

The story of Anne Knight

A lady who eventually devoted her life to not one but two worthy causes Anti—Slavery and Women’s rights. She lived in an age when women were not taken seriously by the men and the establishment, but Anne would not let that stand in her way.

The tale of Winifred Sayer Britain’s first paid Radio Artist

This is the little known story of a lady who worked at the local ball bearing factory, but her voice was of great interest to the Marconi Company and their early experiments with speech over the wireless.

Mr Marconi and the month of December

The story behind the reasons why this remarkable man came to Chelmsford and also a connection to this particular month.

The story of the RMS Titanic and the Marconi Company Part 1

How did these two very different parts of English history become linked? Where was the wireless equipment made and the operators trained?

The story of the RMS Titanic and the Marconi Company Part 2

What happened on that faithful night in April 1912? How did it change marine safety for ever and how did that effect the Marconi Company?

The Coming of the railway to Chelmsford 

The story behind how this happended, the man that made it all possible and the key role he played on the opening day.

History behind Chelmsford’s Bailey Bridge
A structure that would normally go unnoticed and yet this bridge has in it’s past life performed a very important role.  This podcast was first broadcast in January 2021 on Chelmsford Community Radio.

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The story of the Chelmsford Fire and their escape ladder

A true story from the late 1800s and the testing of a new piece of important equipment for the Brigade. This podcast was first broadcast in mid 2021 on Chelmsford Community Radio.